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ALCAT, or Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test, is a tool that helps manage a wide variety of conditions related to the immune system. Such conditions consist of migraines, obesity, fatigue, joint pain, and several others. Sensitivity to any antigen can lead to these symptoms and with ALCAT we are able to determine your body’s particular needs and develop a plan accordingly.


Our in-house nutritionist can help you plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle as part of an overall treatment plan. Many conditions can be partially helped with changes to diet and exercise in addition to traditional medicine. Read more about how Lori can help you.


Autonomic Nervous System Testing can provide valuable information about your autonomic nervous system (ANS). Your ANS is the part of the nervous system that controls blood pressure and pulse, blood flow, sweating, bowel and bladder function, and sexual function. This test allows us to diagnose conditions that can cause symptoms relating to any one of these functions.